13 Weeks

This week may very well set the tone for the next 13 weeks in the stock market. It marks one of the largest reporting weeks, with hundreds of S&P members reporting over the next five days. The results of this week – the guidance (or lack thereof) – will be the last report until about a week before the election.

The technical set-up for the markets shows one of rotation. The value portion of the market has under-performed its growth counterpart for months. Large caps have been the haven asset. But there may be some rotation on the horizon as market participants reach into the value and smaller-cap areas of the market for bargains.

As optimism grows over a Covid vaccine – and as yet another round of stimulus looms – it appears the irony trade is on the rise. Irony because so many assumed a mess would happen leading up to the election. So far, the markets seem to be indicating the opposite.

While it’s still possible the markets could pull back from here, the pattern has been one of consolidation with volatility on the decline. With money finally spreading to other areas of the markets – and large tech finally pulling back a bit – many of the signs are healthy.

There is another interesting element at play here. The US dollar is weakening. And with all the stimulus money, there may even be signs of inflation beginning to materialize. Low interest rates have continued to fuel the housing markets. The weaker dollar is fueling commodities. And, silently in the background, a bid is materializing under emerging markets.

All of these are signs the markets believe a path forward is possible (if not probable).

A look under the hood of the BigFoot Database reveals over 86% of symbols tracked have long signals. This is close to an all-time high. The three major stock indexes all have buy signals. And the credit and market macro’s are positive.

The economic macro is the only weird spot. While showing positive, the marcro remains “broken” at this time due to the extraordinary unemployment figures we still have. The data is simply so far out-of-whack the neural network doesn’t work yet. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your belief system) stimulus money has kept enough money in the pockets of the unemployed it hasn’t shown up in the system as a catastrophe yet.

So earnings and guidance matter. And this week may determine, to a great extent, the direction of the markets for the next 13 weeks. If companies report either up-side surprises or guide positive, it could mean more up-side for the markets.

As of now, futures were positive overnight, and the major indexes appear to be biased to the positive. The S&P is likely to test the 3276 level, with a possible push towards 3000. Support is currently at 3157. Should the underlying trends of the market continue, look for large cap tech to flatten out or pull-back slightly as small and mid-cap value sees some asset rotation.


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