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Holiday Ending Soon

This has been a quarter to remember. The world hit pause. We same the BigFoot Macro’s break (sort of). And the markets tanked… then rallied… hard. Recall earlier blogs and forum calls – the discussion was about how fundamental data didn’t matter. The reason was because the Fed and Congress were re-writing the rules of […]

Still Rallying… for Now

In spite of the various structural elements still unresolved in the economy this market continues to climb. At this point, even the BigFoot Market Macro would flip positive if June ended today. Both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have algo buy signals. The BigFoot database is 70% long right now. Only the DJIA is […]

Nothing to See Here… At Least Not Yet

The headlines may be all about riots, but the markets are probably less concerned about this than the major media outlets. After months of non-stop Coronavirus coverage this is something new for the media to magnify and sell advertising around. Don’t get me wrong – the events that have transpired are truly despicable and heartbreaking […]

Risk Onff

Markets are headed higher, unless they don’t. And it all makes sense, except for the parts that don’t.

I Don’t Get It, But That Doesn’t Matter

I’ll admit it: this market baffles me sometimes. Here we in the midst of an economic shut-down — unemployment has exploded; bankruptcies are popping up all over the place; profits are in the tank — yet this market charges higher. Even the BigFoot Database has shown improvement as the number of total long positions has […]

The Market is Not the Economy… For Now

The S&P500 seems to have a mind of its own these days. In spite of terrible economic numbers, we remain down only about 16% or so from all-time highs. (And judging from the futures markets, that number will improve even further Monday). We’re at a technically interesting point. Interesting because this market is bumping up […]


After about a month of melt-down this market has spent almost the next month melting up. This week that upward momentum may finally get challenged as the S&P500 is at a significant resistance level. A number of technical resistance indicators are coalescing around the 2900 level. Of course, to seek order in this market is […]