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Waiting on Friday

Either the government stays open or it doesn’t. Markets will be keeping an eye on this. Not that the markets care about the closure all that much, but it’s a sign of whether or not Washington is going to be a headwind or tailwind. Odds are we’ll see another shutdown. Markets may simply move in […]

Testing the 200-day Moving Average

This week the SPX will likely test the 200-day moving average. The weekend futures action remained highly stable. This is setting the equities markets up for this test. Should the markets manage to close higher than the 200-dma on Friday, this is likely a positive sign for the markets. On top of that, we’re about […]

S&P500 Enters Over-Bought Territory

Last week was another strong showing for the SPX in 2019.  In fact, so far, there have only been 3 negatives closes for the year.  The last time we saw the markets start this strong was… oh yeah, last year.  Then, in February, everything tanked. This is not to say that everything is gearing up […]

Danger Zone

After a pretty good rally from the December 24, 2018 lows, the markets may be in for a tough week as they enter the ‘danger zone’ of resistance. During the slide from the October 2018 highs, the markets oscillated around the 2600-2650 or so levels. These numbers are not precise, but they’re close enough to […]

New Year’s Shift

Happy New Year! This is the first full week of trading for the year – so back to work! Markets are trying to shake off the December 2018 hangover. Last week’s first trading week sure made it interesting. The big news was the blowout jobs report last Friday coupled with the more Dovish tones from […]

2018 Lows in Sight

Looks like the stock markets made Santa’s naughty list. Last week seemed like things were stabilizing until the Friday afternoon selloff threw that idea out the window. At this point, sentiment is shot. It’s the end of the year. And the Fed has backed itself into a corner – damned if it does, damned if […]

Searching for Support

After another ugly week of down-side, reports all over the internet insist the futures are indicating a drop for the US stock markets today. Will it happen? Maybe. Over the weekend stocks dropped in Europe, China, Japan and the like. US Futures were also down about 1% or so from Friday’s close. But futures have […]

Market Macro Fails

For the first time since 2016 the BigFoot Market Macro Signal has gone negative. And we’re already set up for a potential whipsaw, as futures are pointing to a higher open that would put the SPX above the threshhold to flip the Macro back into buy territory. Over the weekend the big announcement was a […]

Don’t expect much from a three and a half day trading week. Holiday weeks like this traditionally mean lower trading volume – and often higher volatility. Given the most recent few weeks in the market though, sentiment seems to be shifting. The Q4-Santa Claus Rally is in danger of passing us by. Post-Thanksgiving we’re really […]


Thank you Veterans. And for the rest of us market jocks, what’s the scoop for the week?  Look for retrenchment above SPX 2750.  In fact, look for 2800 this week as markets seek to find footing. While the 200-day moving average should form some support, futures trading has been eradic over the weekend.   At first, […]