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What’s Wrong is Nothing’s Wrong

Monday June 16, 2014 The pattern bias to this market actually has a slight negative to it.  It’s strange though, since the likelihood that we actually experience a significant pull-back at this point is still seemingly remote.  Each week I try to grind though all the ‘known’ and read between the lines to extract the […]

Out of Sync

Monday June 9, 2014 As the market keeps grinding higher the the VIX keeps going lower.  This week the economic calendar is particularly light, so I’m not sure what will upset the course of this slow grind higher.  We’re nearing Futures and Option expiration, but that’s still not until June 19th.  So what’s the catalyst […]

Tough Call…

Not getting a lot of clarity out of the charts right now.  We’re dangerously close to the 1900 level but haven’t been able to get more traction.  Throw in the mix some pretty neutral economic readings and we could be running out of steam. Despite the big moves last week to the downside for a […]

The Rubber Band Theory

After three winning days in a row — and an all-time high on the S&P500 — the question of the day appears to be ‘how high can we go?’  I think the chart I’ve attached tells the story.  This week’s push has us already at the top of the expected range of returns for today. […]

Nothing to See Here

Some days are foggy than others.  Today is one of those foggy days.  Or at least that’s what I’m calling it.  It’s one of those days when the data out there is so generally benign that it gives you very little to drive an opinion.  I guess the ‘fairly valued’ thesis must prevail. 1858 Has […]

Rinse and Repeat

We continue to be trapped in the sideways move for March.  And what a surprise, here we are pivoting right around 1858 again.  As of the writing of this note, the futures are indicating  a move back to the mid-1860’s.  So there you have it.  Work into a lather, rinse, and repeat. The bigger story […]

In 1858 Columbus sailed the Oceans… Wait?

It was 1492 Columbus sailed the Oceans Blue… It’s 1858, where the S&P500 has set up a pivot point.  Sure, analysts will say it’s 1850.  But why be vague when we can get hyper-specific and really put our neck on the line? Actually, it’s the old ‘rubber band’ analogy at work again.  The markets view […]

Daily Digits for March 17, 2014

Happy Leprechaun Day! If you’re looking for a pot of gold, you may have missed the train.  Gold markets have shot up recently – like over 10% year-to-day!  Of course, the stock market wasn’t exactly lousy recently.  January may have been tough, but February was a ripper.  Here we are half way through March and […]

Daily Digits (mid-week edition) for 3/12/14

Sorry Gang – I’ve been remiss in my duties… with viable excuse though.  What family doesn’t occasionally take a few days off?  We returned from a mini-getaway over the weekend yesterday.  I’ll give you a hint:  big ears and fireworks. The funny thing is, after being away for only a handful of days (and being […]