Uncertainty is the New Certainty

Markets found some footing last week after a multi-week slide. However, futures are pointing to a drop yet again, presumably because of the most recent Trump Tweet regarding Iran. So flip a coin. The SPX found a decent amount of support at the 2800 level. There also appears to be a decent amount of resistance […]

The Tariff Tantrum

Markets are bracing for a drop after the weekend announcement that tariffs on Chinese goods are not only back on the table but bigger than before. What this translates to for the markets is uncertainty. For the past couple of months the China trade negotiations were largely an after-thought. This brings things back to the […]

This Should Be It

The moment everyone’s been waiting for should finally be here: SPX closing at all-time highs. The likelihood we see this at some point this week is extremely high (like 80% or more). The question is, will we close above this level for the week? While the are chinks in the economic armor, the momentum in […]

Thin Air

The SPX is in a difficult spot. On the one hand, momentum in the smaller-cap stocks looks questionable; prices are above monthly trend; and earnings season has many concerned growth may be waning. On the other hand, the prior intra-day high of just over 2940 is within striking distance. So which way does the market […]

Technical Headwinds for SPX this Week

After a 7-day win streak the SPX may be bumping into some short-term resistance. We’re now spitting distance from SPX 2900, but the index is out ahead of most of its metrics at this point. In fact, the SPX is more than 1.5 standard deviations above its 21-trading-day average. It’s above the 50, 100, and […]

No Man’s Land

If you’re looking for some kind of directional indication from the short-term, the markets aren’t hearing it. Since the Christmas Eve lows of last year, this market has been on a tear… until the last two weeks or so. Now it seems escape velocity is waning. Each time the SPX hits 2800 momentum seems to […]

Upward Bias for the SPX This Week

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE INFORMATION Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy, or product (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended or undertaken by BigFoot), or any […]

Waiting on Friday

Either the government stays open or it doesn’t. Markets will be keeping an eye on this. Not that the markets care about the closure all that much, but it’s a sign of whether or not Washington is going to be a headwind or tailwind. Odds are we’ll see another shutdown. Markets may simply move in […]

Testing the 200-day Moving Average

This week the SPX will likely test the 200-day moving average. The weekend futures action remained highly stable. This is setting the equities markets up for this test. Should the markets manage to close higher than the 200-dma on Friday, this is likely a positive sign for the markets. On top of that, we’re about […]

S&P500 Enters Over-Bought Territory

Last week was another strong showing for the SPX in 2019.  In fact, so far, there have only been 3 negatives closes for the year.  The last time we saw the markets start this strong was… oh yeah, last year.  Then, in February, everything tanked. This is not to say that everything is gearing up […]

Danger Zone

After a pretty good rally from the December 24, 2018 lows, the markets may be in for a tough week as they enter the ‘danger zone’ of resistance. During the slide from the October 2018 highs, the markets oscillated around the 2600-2650 or so levels. These numbers are not precise, but they’re close enough to […]

New Year’s Shift

Happy New Year! This is the first full week of trading for the year – so back to work! Markets are trying to shake off the December 2018 hangover. Last week’s first trading week sure made it interesting. The big news was the blowout jobs report last Friday coupled with the more Dovish tones from […]