Records be Breaking

If the futures markets are to be believed, records will be dropping like flies at the market open.  The SPX is set to break above 2800, and the DJIA is looking to eclipse 26,000.  And the momentum is yet to show signs of stopping. Of course, momentum will topple at some point.  But this is […]

Strong Start

Last week was the strongest start to the stock market in over a decade (since 2006).  The question on everyone’s mind:  can it last? Well, the markets may be slightly ahead of themselves in the very short term (meaning we could see some traders flipping a few positions here and there), but there’s a lot […]

Welcome 2018… not so different from 2017.

As we kick of the new year, it’s a short trading week… before the next earnings season gets rockin’.  Oil has climbed above $60 a barrel.  But perhaps the biggest story will be the same story we’ve had for the last few years:  the Fed.  With Yellen’s term expiring, will (presumed new Fed chair) Jerome […]

So Close and Yet So Far

The S&P500 is less than 50 points from the 2700 mark… and yet, in the closing weeks of December, this may be a challenge to reach this level.  Based on last week’s pricing movement, it appears the pathway higher isn’t without at least a little friction from here. Stocks shot out of the gate strong […]


Last week the markets broke above 2630… Big deal, right? The number in and of itself isn’t that big a deal.  The fact this was the high-high-expectation for the year on my projection last January is what makes it a big deal, as this market continues to perform beyond expectations. And now it appears the […]

Is That Sleigh Bells I Hear?

Black Friday is in the books, and Cyber Monday is here.  So far, the online numbers look pretty good.  And the abbreviated Thanksgiving trading week finished pretty decent as well.  So…  you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why…  there’s a good chance Santa Claus is coming […]

Don’t Expect Much

It’s a short week, what do you expect?  With only 3 1/2 trading days to work with, Thanksgiving week has historically been pretty…  meh.  There’s not much to move the needle.  Next week we’ll get some beginning data about Black Friday and the Holiday season (can you believe it’s already here?).  That may give the […]

10 out of 12

Ten out of the last 12 weeks for the S&P500 have been positive.  That’s a pretty impressive streak dating back to August. While it’s more than possible this trend continues, it’s equally possible — and perhaps technically probable — that markets take a week for profits.  Judging from the futures markets, this may be the […]

Chuggin’ Up The Tracks

The low-volatility buy-the-dip train continues to climb the wall of worry.  This invariably raises two questions:  how high can this go?  And when does it correct? From a technical perspective, there is a critical level for the S&P500 around the 2625/2636 range.  Both the shorter-term and longer-term projections have a point of overlap at this […]

Will 2600 Fall?

The SPX continues to grind higher, but it’s been the DJIA and NASDAQ that really impressed last week.  Looks like volatility may be on the rise.  Don’t misunderstand that though.  Bigger intraday swings will be welcome by traders.  And true, there could be some swings to the down-side.  That doesn’t mean the bull market is […]

Records Be Dropping

It seems like the markets have been breaking through all-time-highs on a daily basis.  How high can it go?  Well, from a technical perspective:  higher than here. While there are many technical reasons this market could pull back, none of the specific indicators have manifest yet.  Which means, for the time being, this trend remains […]

Thin Air

Despite the lack of meaningful economic data to watch this week, we can expect the markets to get a little more hesitant this week.  Earnings season is beginning to pick up steam now, so we’ll need to see evidence that growth and profits are expanding — not just a reshuffle of costs internally.  Does the […]

Breaking Records

To be excited or not to be excited, that is the question? Last week major index broke into all-time high range… again.  And the BigFoot database percent long pushed even higher — now over 79 percent!  The DJIA, SP500, and NASDAQ have all reclaimed their buy signals in the system.  And here we sit at […]

Game of Inches

Given that another earnings season is just around the corner — AND the fact the market hasn’t fallen in light of all the other dysfunction around the globe — it’s sensible to simply play this thing by the numbers right now.  And the numbers say we’re in a sideways-to-positive slow climb until something changes the […]

When Action Becomes Reaction

What do you do with a Teflon market?  It seems stock market indexes are hell-bent on going higher no matter what the uncertainty.  If a lesson may be learned here, it’s that central bankers are a powerful bunch.  It appears the liquidity train is enough to keep almost every other form of risk outside the […]