Correction Territory

Don’t look now but the BigFoot Database is turning bearish. Both the S&P500 and Nasdaq flipped sell signals in the last few days. Only the DJIA still shows a buy. There’s been a 25% reduction in the number of long positions for the BigFoot database, as the system has silently declined from close to 85% […]


If I had to guess, I’d say buy the dip… but maybe not until next week. (But because we’re pro’s we can’t make recommendations without all kinds of blow-back, so this is NOT investment advice, and I’m not suggesting you actually do this – I’m just, ya know, throwing it out there in the ether […]

Let the Games Begin

Last Friday finished at all-time highs for the SPX. Today, Futures look to open flat. Tech giants continue to drive this market higher. The rest of the market may even be starting to gain a bid. But there’s an elephant (and a donkey) in the middle of the room: the election. A lot of folks […]

S&P 500 New Highs

Despite the soft finish last week, the overall trend for the S&P 500 remains positive. In fact, it was really close to breaching its all-time high last week. And, as of now, futures indicate it should hit new all-time highs Monday. The trend appears to be all that matters right now. How is the trade […]

Listen to the Market

Perhaps the biggest challenge of the day is separating fact from opinion. Indeed, most stock market analysis is just opinion. Sure, the fundamental data is real. Earnings are earnings. Projections are projections. So, numbers be numbers. But what does the data tell us? And how does it inform as to where the markets are headed? […]

It’s Almost Reckoning Time

Stocks have enjoyed a break from the scrutiny of fundamental analysis since the breakout of Covid. But it’s been more than a quarter since the proverbial mess hit the fan. The question is, will markets continue to give companies that don’t offer guidance a pass? With earnings season upon us, the expectation is that companies […]

Holiday Ending Soon

This has been a quarter to remember. The world hit pause. We same the BigFoot Macro’s break (sort of). And the markets tanked… then rallied… hard. Recall earlier blogs and forum calls – the discussion was about how fundamental data didn’t matter. The reason was because the Fed and Congress were re-writing the rules of […]

Still Rallying… for Now

In spite of the various structural elements still unresolved in the economy this market continues to climb. At this point, even the BigFoot Market Macro would flip positive if June ended today. Both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have algo buy signals. The BigFoot database is 70% long right now. Only the DJIA is […]