Early Signs Indicate a Santa Claus Rally

For all the pain 2020 has caused, it looks like there may be one more gift this year: a Santa Clause Rally? Let’s skip the suspense of fundamental musings – after all, none of us can predict the future. instead, we’ll look at the quantatative data. What’s it suggesting may play out? The technical pattern […]

Vaccine Hopes, Holy Shift!

Update: Since posting this only a few minutes ago the futures have exploded on optimism over a vaccine. Technicals are out the window – this market is operating on raw emotion and hope at this point. Original blog (prior to folks going bananas): While the ink is not formally dry (because, technically, there are still […]

Correction Territory

Don’t look now but the BigFoot Database is turning bearish. Both the S&P500 and Nasdaq flipped sell signals in the last few days. Only the DJIA still shows a buy. There’s been a 25% reduction in the number of long positions for the BigFoot database, as the system has silently declined from close to 85% […]


If I had to guess, I’d say buy the dip… but maybe not until next week. (But because we’re pro’s we can’t make recommendations without all kinds of blow-back, so this is NOT investment advice, and I’m not suggesting you actually do this – I’m just, ya know, throwing it out there in the ether […]

Let the Games Begin

Last Friday finished at all-time highs for the SPX. Today, Futures look to open flat. Tech giants continue to drive this market higher. The rest of the market may even be starting to gain a bid. But there’s an elephant (and a donkey) in the middle of the room: the election. A lot of folks […]

S&P 500 New Highs

Despite the soft finish last week, the overall trend for the S&P 500 remains positive. In fact, it was really close to breaching its all-time high last week. And, as of now, futures indicate it should hit new all-time highs Monday. The trend appears to be all that matters right now. How is the trade […]