Free Watchlist

Our watchlist section helps advisors to track securities they desire to own and to monitor price fluctuations on already owned securities. Advisors are able to place a price alert or stop loss for a particular security so when the price set is triggered, the system will send an email to notify about the alert.

On top of that, our watchlist includes a Momentum View, allowing advisors to rank and screen securities based on momentum and risk analysis criteria. These criteria measure the rate of the rise or fall in security prices and analyze the short, medium or long term strength as well as the short term volatility of the security. This tool let advisors pick securities in their watchlists that have been outperforming and that represent the lowest risk assets among the list.Furthermore, advisors are able to manage our multiple sorting system, based primarily on BigFoot signals, Trade Rating and Total Score of selected criteria.

Sign Up below to start using our free watchlist and stock screening application. Enter in as many securities as you’d like and get email alerts when those securities get over or under a certain or when a stock gains or loses momentum. Easy to use and extremely helpful!