Andy Heinz

Chief Executive Officer, President, Co-Founder

Andy comes to BigFoot with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His background includes being the Chief Investment Officer and Vice-President of Lee Johnson Capital Management and an investment advisor for Triad Advisors. Andy’s responsibilities are: to provide executive direction, to supervise the investment team and related support staff, to provide expertise in investments, to manage and monitor the firm’s portfolio of assets, to coordinate the overall investment plan to BigFoot clients, to devise strategies for potential growth, and to recognize severe risk. He has a bachelor’s of business administration, with an emphasis in finance from the University of Texas at Arlington.

David Littlejohn

Chief Technical Analyst

David joined the BigFoot Team in July 2011. An advisor for over 18 years, David brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to the team. David formerly served as a Vice President and program manager for Oregon Pacific Bank’s investment and trust portfolio management departments. Now as an independent, he owns and operates Littlejohn Financial Services, LLC, an RIA in Oregon.  David is engaged in the practical application of BigFoot strategies in the field with his RIA clients. He also brings experience in the design, training, and advisory practice coaching on the development and implementation of quantitative trading systems and portfolio design. He has literally helped hundreds of advisors re-invent their practices and develop in-house quantitative money management processes. David holds a bachelors degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina. He is also BigFoot’s in-house charting expert, technical analyst, and “answer man” whenever a project requires outside-the-box research or creative solutions.

Maria Quiroz-Perez

Quantitative Trading Analyst

Maria brings invaluable industry experience to the table. Her professional background includes being an energy trading analyst for First Choice Power and the quantitative trading analyst at Lee Johnson Capital Management. Here at BigFoot, she is responsible for the design of the trading strategy and the stock picking process. She performs fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis in order to identify market trends, evaluate the price movement of securities, and how to trade the firm’s portfolio of assets. Maria’s extensive education background consists of four master’s degrees: Finance from Universidad Autonoma Popular del Estado de Puebla (Mexico), Economic Relations from Oklahoma State University, International Management from Texas Christian University, and Marketing from the University of the Americas (Mexico). She obtained her bachelor’s in business administration, magna cum laude, from the University of the Americas.