The Benefits

Here at BigFoot, we do more than just give you access to a state of the art investment software. We give you a complete advisor experience with so many extra benefits that no one else offers. We give you the ability to know when to get in and out of the market, to market your services through logo customization and client materials, to give easy to understand reports for clients, and to inform with weekly webinars to make sure you are up to date on everything that is happening in today’s market. Here are some examples of what we offer and how it can help:

Branding and Logo Customization

Our system gives the ability to add your logo directly to the BigFoot interface. This allows you to show clients that the system is yours. We also give the ability to put your logo and colors on other marketing materials from us for further branding purposes.

Simple One Page Reports

Our system produces simple 1 page reports on individual stocks to show your clients how the securities in their portfolios are doing. The reports breakdown all the trades, prices, gains, losses, and how the security has done over time with an easy to read graph and explanations that clients can understand.

Weekly Informational Webinars

We hold weekly informational webinars on the economy, the fed, the stock market, and so much more to keep you up to date and informed about today’s world to try and make you one step ahead. Want to sit in on the action? Click here to sign up to join the webinar!

Client Presentations and Materials

We provide presentations, modules, and other client materials to help you keep your clients informed with what exactly is happening in the market and what information they should know to be able to act accordingly. These presentations are a great way to keep clients believing in what your are doing. Want to see an example? Click here to see our module on Net Neutrality!